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Sandra Kirchner and Leo Peppas have over forty years yoga teaching experience between them. They are both qualified Yoga teachers. Having originally studied the Iyengar Yoga method, they have over the years integrated an understanding of body awareness and movement principles into their teaching and developed a comprehensive approach of their own. Their belief that yoga can present a clear link to the path of self discovery and provide support in everyday life is core to their teaching method.

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yoga classics  For students with minimum one year experience. Level: Intermediate
Classics builds on the ground of basics, introducing further postures and techniques that inform and make the practice safe. Learning how to do forward bends, back bends and inverted postures are typical themes. The range of classes includes restorative and breathing practices, as well as meditation.

Somatic Yoga Training  Requirements for application
The Somatic Yoga Training is suitable for people with at least two years of consistent yoga practice up to teacher level.
Some experience with yogayoga's way of working is recommended so you can be more assured of the suitability of the training.
Modules are rich in content and in movement explorations. They do not however provide or replace a full asana practice. In order to integrate the study material provided, participants need to have a personal practice or foll Level: Advanced
The Somatic Yoga Training is not another style of yoga; it explores ways of being that can be applied to any method of yogic practice. As such, the embodied principles can become a rich base for practice and teaching as well as a source from which to creatively develop your own movement material and techniques. The approach is experiential and practical, so even if we study a philosophical aspect we address its physical embodiment and its application to yoga.

Private yoga classes  Level: Customized
Private classes are tailored to individual needs. Here you can have the luxury of a class designed especially for yourself, for you and a partner, or friend, or a group of friends / colleagues. We have a separate studio especially for private classes.

yoga basics  For beginners. Level: Basic
In basics the most essential principles of Hatha yoga practice, such as breathing, grounding and postural alignment, are taught through basic yoga postures. The pace allows you to explore each posture in depth, to develop excellent body awareness and release deeply held tension. We recommend beginners complete at least three months and up to one year of basics.

Pregnancy Yoga  Classes are suitable for the whole pregnancy. An early start is recommended, from 12 weeks. Classes are booked in blocks of 10 on a regular day, with an extension possible up to 38 weeks of pregnancy. A partnerclass is included once in a block of 10. Sandra  studied pregnancy yoga & the Active Birth Method with Janet Balaskas. Sandra has guided many women through their pregnancy & combines more than 15 years experience as a teacher with the knowledge & inspirations she has gained from Janet’s me Level: Customized
Yoga cultivates a sense of well being, self confidence & trust in the body & mind. Regular practice helps to develop flexibility, strength & stability. It comes as no surprise that yoga serves as a great aid in preventing many of the common aches & pains of pregnancy & offers invaluable support during labour & birth. Sandra’s pregnancy yoga classes are both active & gentle. Information specific to pregnancy, labour & birth is interwoven with a series of yoga postures in each class.

yoga open  For all levels, including beginners. Level: Other
Open classes provide a varied and balanced yoga practice, developing core strength and flexibility. The emphasis is on practice and integration of the basics and classics themes. For beginners who want to come twice a week it is ideal to combine this class with basics.

Corporate yoga  Level: Customized
• Corporate classes & Yoga Events can be arranged, for small & large groups. • Corporate yoga can be tailored to the company or the event. • We are well experienced in teaching classes to a wide mix of levels, simultaneously. • Classes can be given at our studio or on your own location, in Dutch, English, German or bi-lingual. • Classes can be taught with a wide variety of typical corporate, or more general, themes. • Yoga as part of a company's 'day out' is always a great success, it can also b

Sunday yoga workshops  Level: Other
Once or twice a month we offer a Sunday morning workshops of 3 hours, from 10.00 till 13.00, giving the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice.

slow flow yoga  For all levels, including beginners. Level: Other
In slow flow (Vinyasa) a wide variety of yoga postures are joined in an ongoing series, such as Sun Salutations. This class focuses on the continuity of awareness, bringing breath and movement together, leaving you energized yet relaxed. Since the movements are slow & mindful, there is an emphasis on safety, this means that although it can be a dynamic practice, it is suitable for all levels, even if you’re a beginner.

Postnatal yoga  The course consists of 10 classes within 10 weeks. If you miss one of another class, you can arrange to catch up in a regular yoga class within the period of the course and up to a maximum of two weeks after the course is complete. Level: Customized
Appropriate for women starting from 6 weeks up to 1 year after giving birth, or even longer if their bodies have not fully recovered. Sandra’s postnatal yoga class are both active & gentle. Specifically focuses on: Strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominals & back Systematic whole body conditioning & steadiness Postures specifically aimed at upper back, shoulders & neck, to counterbalance the additional strain that comes with lifting, carrying & breastfeeding. Deep relaxation & restorative asana

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Sandra Kirchner  
Picture of Sandra Kirchner Qualified Iyengar yoga teacher. Teaching for over 15 years. Sandra graduated as a dancer / choreographer from the State Academy for Arts in Amsterdam, where she has taught yoga for dancers. Sandra & Leo are both currently studying Rolfing Movement with Hubert Godard.

Leo Peppas  
Picture of Leo Peppas Yoga Teacher for 25 years. Qualified Iyengar teacher. Movement therapist (Body Mind Centering). Psychosynthesis therapist. Runs a Somatic Yoga Training for advanced practitioners. Sandra & Leo are both currently studying Rolfing Movement with Hubert Godard.

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