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I teach 60 mins of Hatha Yoga to women who cannot get a gym or yoga studio. Based on their timings and convenience, I go to the clients home and teach. Offer only for South Delhi residents.

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Yoga Classes  Severe medical issues Level: Advanced
I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga depending on the clients level. Rs. 600 per session/per person for drop in classes. Monthly Yoga session pass is available. Each class will cost only Rs. 550 per session/per person - payable upfront and non-transferable.

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Monthly Yoga session pass  Price: $0
A monthly session pass will cost you only Rs.500 per session/person. That's a Rs.50 savings. Fees are payable upfront and non-transferable.

Drop in one session per person  Price: Rs.600
Drop in for a class and choose a beginners level, an intermediate level or an advanced level class.


Priyanka Gupta  
I have been practicing yoga since i was a teenager and decided to get certified only to understand yoga better. The intention was never to teach, however it seems that is the path that life has chalked out for the moment. Clients include a handful of expats and NRIs (non resident Indians) residing in New Delhi, India,

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