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110 Ryan Industrial Ct., #13/14
San Ramon, CA - 94583
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Wellness Haven specializes in yoga for all ages, pranayama/controlled breathing, meditation, visualization exercises, and laughter yoga. Umang Goel is the Founder/Owner/Certified Yoga Instructor with 2000 plus hours of instruction experience/Rehab Yoga Therapist/Health, Wellness and Life Purpose Coach/Author/Writer at Wellness Haven, LLC phone: (925)819-6327 email: umang@wellnesshaven.com website: http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com video: http://tinyurl.com/Wellness-Haven-Video

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Advanced  Level: Advanced
Advanced classes are a mixture of flow, medium paced as well as very slow paced, while we are learning the advanced techniques. - If you thrive on learning, challenging yourself and mastering, even though you may be limited in your strength, flexibility or stamina, the Advanced Yoga class maybe for you. - If you like flow based classes, have the strength, flexibility, stamina as well as have yoga experience; you are just right for the Advanced Yoga Class.

Meditation/Pranayama-Controlled Breathing Techniques  Level: Not Applicable
These are a series of 5 classes to introduce the student to Meditation/Pranayama (Controlled Breathing)/Visualization techniques/Mudras and Bandhas. Philosophical discussion, Practice, QA to clarify doubts and confusions, are ingrained in the classes setting up the student for self-practice.

Bollywood Fitness  Level: Not Applicable
An Action-Packed, Low-Impact, Aerobics-Dance-Based Class with latest fast-paced-fun Bollywood Music

Kids Yoga  Level: Not Applicable
This class is for independent kids with the option of their parents joining in as well. - All yoga poses will be taught including advanced poses, for children simply love learning and any pose can be broken down from the beginner to the advanced level so that no matter what your level maybe, you will be able to take advantage of the class. - Simple breathing techniques, Mudras, and sitting quietly is very much a part of this class.

Beginner  Level: Basic
If you have never done yoga before, but you are used to some exercising, you probably have the strength and flexibility to do the poses, even though not all the way and this may be the right class for you. These classes are slow-flow-based classes, giving the students enough time to understand each pose and ask questions as we proceed. Many advanced students also like these classes as these are more restorative in nature and we spend more time in each pose.

All Levels   Level: Intermediate
If you have yoga experience and like flow based classes, but are not quite ready for the advanced poses, then this may be the right class for you. This class goes at a faster pace than the beginner level classes, since it assumes that you have prior yoga experience or that you are able to follow the pace. These classes are typically liked by those who love faster paced classes.

Complete Beginner  Level: Basic
If you are not used to exercising in general, you may be lacking in strength, flexibility and stamina, and may not be able to do the regular yoga classes or if you are recovering from injury and the doctor has recommended yoga, the Complete Beginner Slow Paced Restorative Yoga class is just for you, so that you can gradually build up your strength step by step, understand each pose, ask questions and then progress into any of the other regular classes.

Health/Wellness/Life-Purpose Coaching  Level: Not Applicable
Health/Wellness/Life-Purpose Coaching/PSYCH-K Therapy (Re-programming your belief system) for teenagers, youth and adults: Annual rate: $3,500; Regular Hourly Session: $250

NIA  Level: Basic
NIA (pronounced NEE-ah) stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. NIA is a sensory based movement practice leading to health, wellness & fitness. NIA draws from disciplines of the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions & spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities.

Membership Packages  
Meditation/Pranayama-Controlled Breathing  Price: $200
$200 for 5 classes series

NIA  Price: $72
$72 for a continuous 6 weeks session; Drop-in: $20, and can be worked into the 6 week program if you continue

Bollywood Fitness  Price: $72
$72 for a continuous 6 weeks session; Drop-in: $20, and can be worked into the 6 week program if you continue

Yoga  Price: $24
Yoga Rates: $24: Drop-in; $77: 4 yoga classes/month; $138: 8 yoga classes/month; $160: Unlimited yoga/month; $816: Unlimited yoga for 6 months $1536: Unlimited yoga for 12 months

Rehab Yoga Therapy  Price: $250
One on One Rehab Yoga Therapy for doctor recommended patients recovering from injuries, surgery, strokes and other ailments: Regular Hourly Session: $250

Near Old Crow Canyon Rd and Ryan Industrial Ct.


Umang Goel  
Picture of Umang Goel 20+ years as an IT professional at AT&T; Health, Wellness and Life-Purpose Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor with 2000 plus hours of experience in yoga postures, controlled breathing techniques, meditation, visualization techniques and laughter yoga 7 days a week through group and private instruction; Author/Writer

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