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Hi I'm Jo, I am very passionate and work from the heart when teaching and treating, as I know the great benefits of Yoga in all its limbs and Reiki, the importance in having a balanced Chakras system (wheels of energy within us) and the power of Universal energy. I work on the basis that everybody is different, due to our past experience, wearing our emotions in our bodies and having dominating Chakras and lifestyles we experience a different world from each other through our minds and bodies.

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Group sessions for Yoga or Reiki  Level: Customized
Group sessions for Yoga or Reiki can be booked at a venue chosen by you or one can be arranged by Little Banyan Yoga. Please contact to discuss prices and details We offer OAP, student and block booking discount on all lessons and treatments. Contact Info:

Private Reiki Classes  Level: Customized
Our Reiki sessions are offered in Streatham (at studio) or mobile within London.

Private Yoga Classes  Level: Customized
Private 121 lessons personally tailored to suite mood, level and pace, (beginners welcome!) or group lessons can also be arranged.

Membership Packages  
45 – 60 mins Reiki  Price: £30
45 – 60 mins Reiki at Home Studio. Please add £10 for mobile location.

1 hour and a half yoga  Price: £45
1 hour and a half yoga at home studio. Please add £10 for mobile.

1 hour Yoga  Price: £35
1 hour Yoga at Little Banyan Yoga Home Studio. Please add £10 for mobile.

Distance Reiki 15-20 mins  Price: £15
Distance Reiki 15-20 mins at home studio.

1 hour yoga and 45 mins reiki  Price: £53
1 hour yoga and 45 mins reiki at Little Banyan Studio. Please add £10 for mobile.


Jo Tison  
Picture of Jo Tison Founder of Little Banyan Yoga, Yoga instructor and Reiki Master. I use Asanas (Yoga), Prana, Meditation and Reiki to help balance your Chakras leaving you feeling relaxed, stretched and calm. Both Yoga and Reiki can assist in healing many physical, emotional and spiritual issues, by working your body and silencing your mind, giving you physical and inner strength and focus. Yoga Alliance Certificated, Reiki Master Certificated Member of CTHA, Yoga Alliance & Embody. Email

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