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Demand for Yoga for Kids is rising. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity?

Find out where there is an increasing demand for Kids Yoga, what parents are looking for and how to tap into this market.

The demand for Yoga in general has been on the rise for the last few years. With increasing childhood obesity and stress, its not surprising that parents are increasingly looking to Yoga as a way to adress their concerns for their kids. There were articles way back in 2006 by Kelly McGonigal, PhD and as recently as Jan 2013 by ABC News that mention the popularity of Yoga for kids.

Validating the rising trend

First of all let’s validate that the demand for Kids Yoga is indeed increasing. Parents search the internet for terms like "Yoga for Kids" or "Kids Yoga poses" to find resources and services. The trends in the number of searches is a good indicator of demand. The first line chart on the right titled "Interest over time. Web Search. Worldwide" shows that the number of searches for these terms relative to the overall searches has been increasing, thereby validating the upward trend.

Note: If you can’t see the chart on the right, please try Firefox.

Cities in your country with the highest demand

The second chart on the right titled "Top cities for kids yoga. Web Search." displays a list of cities where the demand is highest in descending order. The chart shows data for your country. Your country is determined by your IP address. If this is not the country of your interest, you may change it in the tool.

What parents are looking for

My assumption is that parents are using these search terms on behalf of their kids. Typically parents like to do some research first using terms like "kids and yoga". I’m guessing they do this to see what they’ll find. They have not made any decisions yet. Parents who have done their research are likely to realize that Yoga can be beneficial to kids. If they have made a decision to try it, they search for things like "Yoga poses for kids", "Yoga videos for kids" etc if they are the do it yourself type. Parents who would rather delegate it to a professional, search for "kids yoga classes" and other terms that reference professional services.

Once a parent makes a choice they’d want to buy their kids some gear, so they look for yoga pants and other yoga products that make it easier for them to convince their kids.

One thing that stood out in my research for this article is that folks are looking for "yoga games" - wow! what next, they’ll probably look for yoga party for kids birthday.

Anyway, this should give you enough information covering most of the purchase cycle.

So, how do I tap into this market?

If you don’t have a Yoga practice yet and would like to start offering classes for kids, then your first priority should be finding a good location for a Yoga practice based on demand and demographics.

If you already have a Yoga studio and are contemplating adding a Kids class then you’ll need to get your offering in front of folks looking for kids classes. Initially you may want to promote your kids classes to your existing clients who have kids. If you see some traction consider renting/selling DVDs, Printouts of Poses etc to parents.

You may also want to contact local schools, daycare facilities, churches, martial arts facilities etc to see if they’d be interested in offering Yoga classes for kids in their facilities.

Consider having seperate pages on your website targeted to the various stages of the purchase cycle. Add some relevant content to these pages. Update your listings on sites such as Yahoo Local, Google Pages, Facebook and this site if you have a profile, if not you can create a free profile using the link on the right.

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